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Translation Of Genomics Into Health Care


Write a brief paper/ Bib card in which you:

1. Briefly summarize each article, including thesis, arguments, conclusions and recommendations.

2. After summarizing then critically analyze the article and evaluate
the value of the document in relation to clinical practice, education
and research.

3. Discuss the influence of the article has had on evolving view of genetics and ethics.

4. Finally, include a section on Implications for Practice and identify
the results of the information derived and its benefits for a rural
health clinic.


Title: Translation Of Genomics Into Health Care
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Translation of Genomics into Health Care

Badzek, L., Henaghan, M., Turner, M., & Monsen, R. (2013). Ethical, legal, and social issues in the translation of genomics into health care. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 45(1), 15-24.

Summary and Criticism

The author argues that regardless of the rapid and continuous flow of information from scientific researches related to human genome, the translation of this technique to the healthcare systems faces ethical, social, and legal issues. These overlapping social, legal and ethical issues impact the way health professionals and nurses identify and translate the information related to the new genomic investigation. The legal and ethical foundations such as human dignity, professional codes, and human rights create a framework to needed to comprehend the genomic problems. 


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