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Training Program Design


Drawing from theories and models that inform adult and organizational learning, critically evaluate the HRD Case and make recommendations for action


Title: Training Program Design
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Training is a critical area in the management of Human Resources of an organization. It is because training allows employees to improve their skills and in turn to improve their productivity on the job (Nadler 1990, 7). Consequently, designing an appropriate training program that suits the needs of the employees, and manages to motivate and build their potential is of the essence in any modern Human Resource Management department.

Current Situation at Sustainable Energy

The current situation at Sustainable Energy is one that requires the Human Resource department to intervene and develop strategies for building and developing the skills and competencies of the staff in relation to various aspects of the job. The Analytics Department, which is currently the largest department at the company, is facing numerous challenges that need resolutions. Firstly, it is evident that the people working at the department are relatively young, having an average age of twenty-seven years. Although there are about three older members of the staff, the majority are young, and some of them are freshly out of college.


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