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Training Impact On Employee Performance And Productivity


Training impact on employee performance and productivity


Title: Training Impact On Employee Performance And Productivity
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Training Impact on Employee Performance and Productivity


The productivity and performance of any company or industry mainly rely on the various factor of production such as capital, technology, and availability of raw materials, among others. However, without the availability of human resources in the production process, the output of the company will be in great jeopardy (Aidah). The sustenance of human resources is vital in ensuring they produce effective output and contribute to the firms' objectives with relevant skills and knowledge that addresses the emerging trends in business and other economic activities. It is, therefore, important to train and develop employees’ skills to match the set targets of the company to enhance their performance and productivity (Amir and Amen). Training is an element of operations management that equips workers with both technical and social capability for the various department of the company. Additionally, training is an imperative aspect of the human resources development as it enables the employees to carry out and accomplish their roles and responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Training of employees empowers them with crucial values, skill, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies to understand the culture of the organization (Franklin, Richard and Mohamed).

Problem Statement

 Inadequate or lack of organizations' workers training has been found to have a detrimental effect on the output and performance of the employees in delivering their production.


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