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Ethics 4 Pages

Traditional And Modern Ways Of Learning


Submit as a word document 3-4 pages double-spaced. You will be comparing a human moral practice between two different times/cultures. and making a decisive choice about the rightness/wrongness of that practice. 

Choose a human moral practice. This can be anything at all. Be really creative here. Don't just choose something we've already dissected. If you do choose something we've touched on, provide a new angle on it. In your essay: 

  1. Compare this human moral practice within our modern times and a different time/different culture (satisfy both conditions of different times and different cultures). 
  2. Argue why one or both of these practices is morally right/wrong using at least 2 concepts we've learned so far. For example. you could argue that one is right. both are right. or neither are right. Provide your reasoning in a well-structured manner and use examples to support your arguments.

Title: Traditional And Modern Ways Of Learning
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Traditional and Modern Ways of Learning

One of the most basic human moral practices through historical times has been the passage of knowledge to the younger generation. The elders have always had the moral obligation to ensure that their children receive proper learning prior to their maturity. The effectiveness of proper learning was evidenced when people excelled in various areas because of proper education. Learning has undergone immense changes through time particularly in the instructional design. The change in time has ensued in changes in the mode of learning as seen in this paper. The technological changes and application in learning today are quite evident. However, differences in traditional and modern instructional designs have not yet come fully to light.


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