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Toxic Culture


In the article “Who’s to Blame for Creating a Toxic Organizational Culture” Guthrie presents the position that as the leader, New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie was responsible for harboring an environment that led to what was termed Bridgegate. Based the leadership and organizational culture principles, do you support or refute Guthrie’s position? Cite at least three source to support perspective.


Title: Toxic Culture
Length: 1 pages (373 Words)
Style: APA



According to Lizz Pellet (1), organizational culture is formed through four main methods which are: the behaviors and the actions of the respective leaders, what leaders mostly give into consideration, what gets compensated and what gets penalized, and finally through the attention and allocation of resources. Political groups are usually initiated by leaders who aim to sell new ideas and visions to the people as well as solutions to problems (Schein 226). Therefore, based on the knowledge I have acquired on leadership and organizational culture, I give support to Guthrie’s position whereby he alleges that Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, is responsible for embracing an atmosphere that led to Bridgegate.


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