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Tomlinson’s Theory Of An Emerging Global Unicity


Explain Tomlinson’s theory of an emerging global unicity. Do you find it his argument compelling? Why or why not?

Read the article and write one page response about the question. Make main point and give some examples to support


Title: Tomlinson’s Theory Of An Emerging Global Unicity
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Tomlinson’s Theory of an Emerging Global Unicity


Globalization is a complex connectivity which means the growth of social connections across the globe. It is the compression of the planet and the strengthening of realization of the planet. In real sense globalization has changed how different people reason and understand regarding who they are and where they live. Tomlinson (pg 20) globalization affects the experience of people according to the place they are in the current situation; it also interferes with the way of thinking of people. This paper aims to discuss how Tomlinson describes the idea of unicity as a growing relation in a complex social and sensation in a global condition.


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