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Write a paper on the evolution of a plant of your choice


Title: Tomato
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Evolution of Tomato


The tomato is an edible and often red berry kind of fruit scientifically known as Solanum lycopersicum. The basis of this discussion would focus on the tomato as a plant as some of the evolutionary processes it has undergone over the years. This would involve discussion of the wide range of tomato species that exists. Moreover, the paper will focus on the domestication of the plant since it was first discovered in Mesoamerica to the modern commercial varieties that exist today. The discussion will also analyze its cultivation including the varieties, pests and diseases, companion, and the fruit formation process in this plant. 

Give its existence in many parts of the world, the paper would also attempt to discuss the cultural impact of this crop. The paper will also analyze consumption of the crop by focusing on issues such as nutrition, potential health effects, storage, as well as its safety(Cronk, Bateman and Hawkins 23). The botanical description and classification of tomato also provide interesting topics of discussion.


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