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To What Extent Popular Culture Driven By Industralisation


To what extent was popular culture driven by industrialization and industrialization driven by popular culture? 

In your answer please ensure you use appropriate sources and at least three examples that demonstrate your point. A reference list must be provided and must include at least 10 references. At least 6 of your references MUST be from credible academic or scholarly sources. If you are unsure of what this means, please clarify with your lecturer. 

You must adhere to the AIM Style Guide to ensure your assignments are correctly referenced (citations and bibliography) and presented (document layout).


Title: To What Extent Popular Culture Driven By Industralisation
Length: 6 pages (1849 Words)
Style: Havard



Popular culture is an important aspect of life in every society defining the way people dress, eat, interact, and the beliefs they uphold. It is the popular culture that defines people in one society and makes them unique from any other society. To begin with, industrialization is the reason for globalization and digitization of the modern century. In the advent of the industrial revolution, social relations started breaking up that used to exist in many societies as members of the family travelled to other societies and countries in search of employment. The result was cultural integration and multiculturalism that exists in the modern society. This shows how popular culture has been driven by industrialization. At the same time, industrialization has also been driven by popular culture in many ways. For instance, in the Islamic society, despite the introduction of white collar jobs in the industrial revolution, women are limited to junior roles in the workplace because the culture does not allow men to be lead and given orders by women. This paper is based on the argument that industrialization and popular culture have affected one another in different ways.


How popular culture was driven by industrialization

 Popular culture was influenced and driven by industrialization in significant ways. The way of life before the industrial revolution was completely different from the life during and after the industrial revolution (Fiske, 2010, p.4). This also includes the modes of economic production and social interactions that are all components of the popular culture. For instance, industrialization came with new opportunities for white collar jobs. This implied that members of the family could apply for jobs in towns and move to a new social environment embracing a different culture (Allen, 2003, p.410). At the same time, industrialization came at a time when gender equality had started becoming a significant issue. With increasing human populations, women also started taking up employment in


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