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Times Of Crises


How The Mighty Fall, Collins writes, “When we find ourselves in trouble, when we find ourselves on the cusp of failing, our survival instinct – and our fear – can evoke lurching, reactive behavior absolutely contrary to survival.”

Discuss with your classmates what organizations should do at times of crises. Support your argument with information from this text and other texts we’ve used in the three leadership courses.  Examples;  Good to Great, The Arty of Leadship, ZAG, etc


Title: Times Of Crises
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Times of Crises

In almost all the organizations, challenges manifests in different ways. These crises are consistent with various threats; hence it is hard to use one formula in dealing with them. Because of the uncertainties caused by crises, organizations may use this opportunity to understand the situation of the crises and challenges they may impose on the business. However, this cannot be achieved without the right leadership. At the time of crises, leaders need to adopt an approach towards the management of the crises. The approach, however, must be in tandem with the magnitude of the crises at hand. First, the approach should consider the leadership in place, the crises and the environment.


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