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Sociology 4 Pages

This Voice In My Heart


A book analysis is written for the purpose of acquainting a reader with a book. Therefore discussions of the contents of the book as well as the reviewer’s reaction to the book are both very important. 

Specific Formatting Instructions 

  • The final document must be word-processed. No handwritten papers will be accepted. There should be no typing errors on the paper that you turn in. 
  • Your completed document should be four full pages in length. A full page has text all the way to the bottom of the page. 
  • Your analysis must be double-spaced. You may use only one of the following fonts: Calibri, Cambria, Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica. Regardless of the font you use, it must be 12-point font. Your paper must have a one-inch margin at the top, bottom, and sides of each page. 
  • Your analysis must have page numbers. 
  • Your analysis must have a title page. The title page must contain at least your name(s), the title and author of the book you are analyzing and the number of the course (SYA 4150). 
  • The paper should be free of all grammatical errors and spelling errors! Be sure to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling before turning in your final project. Because you will be word-processing this paper, you will have access to a spell checker, and you will most likely have access to a grammar checker. Therefore, make sure that there are no errors in grammar of spelling. If there are any grammatical errors and/or spelling errors, you will lose points on your paper! If English is not your first language, then proofreading by a native-speaker might be helpful. 
  • You must strictly adhere to these formatting requirements, or you will lose points on your paper! 


  1. What are the book’s purpose, major themes and conclusions? 
  2. Describe your reaction to this book. The ideas that the different authors present are probably new to you. What reaction do you have to them? 
  3. Describe how the book reinforced or challenged ideas about Social Conflict that you have learned from the assigned readings, class lectures, and the discussions. 
  4. Is there anything valuable about this book for your life? 
  5. Does this book challenge you in any way? If so, what? 

I recommend that you devote the first and a half pages to a review of the book itself (#1) and the remaining pages to respond to the four content guidelines (# 2 – 5). 


Title: This Voice In My Heart
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Book Review

The author (Gilbert Tuhabonye) takes readers on a ride of a roller coaster of emotions in his captivating book ‘This Voice in My Heart: A Runner's Memoir of Genocide, Faith, and Forgiveness’. The writings carry one off into the history of the Rwandan Genocide in an attempt to pull off from his audience, a reverie of his struggles, pain, fear, tribulations and restoration entwined with those of his fellow victims. The book narrates his winding journey of upheaval through the horror to his exhilarating restitution in achieving his previously tentative dreams of becoming an athlete (Tuhabonye 30-37). Perhaps, having a hunch that his audience would get strenuously emotionally-drained from all the horrific accounts, characterized with delirious butchery by calloused perpetrators, the book seamlessly transitions the audience to similar expeditions by coauthors in an attempt to give the audience a time out to muster their spirit.


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