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this program by using Visual Basic

This Program By Using Visual Basic


CIS201 Program Assignment 1

Write a program to request the price of an item (such as 25.50) and weight of an item in Pounds and Ounces (such as 1lb and 9oz). The program is to give output for the item in Price per ounce.

You will need to create the form for this first. It can look like the picture below but I do not want it exactly. Be creative. In my form I have a yellow background for the form. I have a blue background with red text for the output. Use proper naming conventions for the form (such as frm.UnitPrice) and controls (such as txt.Price for the Price of item textbox). I want you to be creative in how you make this (besides colors the form can be a different shape and the controls put in different locations (such as the form can be longer with the output items to the left of the input)). Also use the Proximity lines and Snap line to have proper alignment of the controls.


Once the form is completed then you can write the code. I would start working on the form for this in Week 2. You can have this part completed in order to start writing the code. The output needs to be in currency.

Please document your code such as `This will determine unit price

Please make sure you are completing your own work. There is no possible way 2 people can create the exact same form. Also I have ways to see who and when a file was created. Remember if you share your files both the student who submitted another student’s file and the person who gave the file to that student will get a zero (0) on the assignment. 


Title: This Program By Using Visual Basic
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: N/A


Public Class frmUnitPriceCalculator

Dim unitPrice As Double

Dim itemPrice As Double

Dim pounds As Integer

Dim ounces As Integer

Private Sub btnCalculate_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnCalculate.Click

If (txtPrice.Text.Length > 0) Then ' Make sure input price is not 0

If (txtPounds.Text.Length > 0) Then

If (txtOunces.Text.Length > 0) Then

itemPrice = Double.Parse(txtPrice.Text)


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