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The World Is Flat


Watch the video "The world is flat" and respond to the following question

Do you agree with Friedman that the world is flat? If yes, why or why not? 


Title: The World Is Flat
Length: 1 pages (306 Words)
Style: MLA


The World is flat

 The global business playing field is being leveled. This is the primary concept that Tom uses to justify his sentiments that the world is flat. Over the years, the dream of globalization has come to reality and the size of the world is continuously decreasing. This is the reason that Tom believes and argues that the world of business is being flattened. The playfield is being flattened to accommodate as many business players from around the world as possible (MIT Video). A space that initially held only a few business players has now been flattened to accommodate more than it could as a single business can extend its operations to every corner and every point in the world. I agree on the sentiment that the world is flat based on the author’s support of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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