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The Wife Of Bath’s Tale” And Marriage In The Medieval Period


For your research paper, you will explore one text that we covered in class in more detail by analyzing a theme, character, relationship, symbol, setting, narrative structure, the time period, or other feature closely and doing a little research to back up your observations. You will need 6 sources for your research paper. My main requirement for your research paper is that you write about something that builds on the average reader’s understanding or comprehension of the text. You must make an argument, and you must incorporate your research when explaining this argument.

Here are some topic ideas (in no particular order):

Twelfth Night and marriage in the Renaissance period or

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” and marriage in the medieval period

While these topics provide you with a starting point, you will need to come up with an argument and narrow your focus.

Paper Requirements for a successful paper:


•1500 to 1600 words: list the word count at the end of your paper

•A creative title

•A works cited page that lists your 6 secondary sources and the work itself (7 entries total)

•Proper paraphrasing, summarizing, and integrated quotations (see MLA Handbook or OWL Purdue)

•All papers must be written in MLA style (12 point Times New Roman font, black ink, and one-inch margins all around)

•No first person

•Write in present tense

•Careful attention to proofreading and sentence structure variety


•An interesting introduction and a conclusion

•A strong thesis statement that makes an argument about the work at the end of your introduction

•Guiding Topic Sentences for each body paragraph that relate back to your thesis statement

Evidence and Interpretation:

•Your essay must build on the average reader’s understanding of the text.

•Avoid overreliance on plot summary.

•Make sure to use your sources’ information to interpret the text and relate your sources back to your  argument.

•To create an effective literary argument, always remember that you want to say something interesting about the primary text. If you have written an entire page without citing the primary text, you are probably getting “too far” from the play, story, or poem.

Source Requirements:

•For your minimum of 6 secondary sources, you may use one reputable website and one tertiary source. The rest of the sources need to be from books and academic journals. For the website source, no Wikipedia, sparknotes, study guides, online encyclopedias, amateur blogs, or play reviews! You may use one tertiary source, such as the Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) or your anthology’s introduction to the author. Tertiary sources are in the reference section. Your other five sources should be essays from academic journals and books.

Important Dates

Research Presentations: April 17th, 19th, 22nd, 24th, and 26th

You will sign up for a presentation date for class. You will present a portion of your research (two to three sources) and your working thesis and interpretation. Your presentation will be between 5 and 7 minutes and will be multimodal (powerpoint, poster, prezi, google presentation, etc.). DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT and do not go under the time limit. These presentations will give your classmates a chance to ask you questions and give you the opportunity to refine your argument and what you think about your research. If you prepare for the presentation, you should get a good grade. Think of this presentation as an oral annotated bibliography and rough draft assignment. If you have written your rough draft before the presentation, your presentation will be MUCH easier to make!


Title: The Wife Of Bath’s Tale” And Marriage In The Medieval Period
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: MLA


The Wife of Bath’s Tale” and marriage in the medieval period

The Wife of Baths Tale is a folk tale that gives a long lecture on many issues in various ways. Particularly, the wife of baths tale is used to talk more on the issue of marriage in an awkward manner (Geoffrey). This is because the reader is left to interpret for himself on whether to follow the right and wrongs brought out through the narration by the various characters. The tale has a prologue and acts as a match to the ideas presented in the prologue. Though the prologue is supposed to introduce the tale, it is longer than the tale itself. However, both the tale and the prologue act to present the intended themes with the main one being the theme of marriage.


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