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The While Loop


Think about a program you use that needs a while loop statement.

Using your example, write a short paper on what your program does. Include the logical expression and what type of while loop (EOF, sentinel-controlled, counter-controlled, flag-controlled) you need. Using the same logical expression as above, use a different while loop to evaluate the expression. Explain what while loop you used and how it changes your program.


Title: The While Loop
Length: 2 pages (562 Words)
Style: APA



In programming there are many conditional statements including the while-loop, do while loop and for loop. This loop comes up when there is the urge forexecuting a code many times in order to achieve a given condition.A while loop has a managed flow declaration to enable the code to be executed repeatedly, based on a certain Boolean condition. This loop can act as a repetitive if statement. When constructingwhile loops a chunk of code and specified conditions are used. The statements areconsidered and if found to be true the code inside the block is executed.


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