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The Use Of Prophylactic Antibiotics.



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Title: The Use Of Prophylactic Antibiotics.
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The use of prophylactic antibiotics: Prophylactic antibiotics are medications administered to person in the need to prevent infectious diseases. They act as preventive measures for diseases that can be harmful to the body especially for persons without a strong immune system. The prophylactic antibiotics are not only effective for the sick persons or with infections, but can as well be prescribed for normal persons. It is recommended by medical practitioners that it is good for human beings to use preventive measures where possible as opposed to waiting to use cures. Whether administered intravenously or orally, the prophylactic antibiotics are effective in curbing bacterial infections. In most cases, the use of the antibiotics does not cause any side effects, but allergic responses and overdose cases might come about although not common. Hence, prophylactic antibiotics are effective especially for those patients with conditions such as heart infection problems and weak


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