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The Us Cuba International Relations


Research Project Instructions

When you think of all that is occurring in and between states around the world this year, please evaluate a significant political development and/or concern for the immediate future in international affairs.

You will choose an Instructor approved topic early on in the semester. To consider with your topic:

Why are events or concerns unfolding and why should the international community be engaged and how? Answer these questions using IR concepts, models, and theories. Make a theoretically informed argument about the most powerful influences on state (and other actors, as relevant) behavior. This argument must answer either or both of these questions: Why did this event come about? Why did it unfold as it did? Please present your analysis and explanation.


Title: The Us Cuba International Relations
Length: 7 pages (2081 Words)
Style: MLA


The US-Cuba International Relations

International relations form a crucial part of any government’s main agenda. World leaders and diplomats in the whole world work towards tightening their relations with other countries. Setting up of embassies, British High Commissioner’s offices and sending emissaries and diplomats to hold talks with other countries’ representatives are some of the ways government officials enhance international relations (Baylis, Smith and Owens 33). However, international relations can be soured by diplomatic failure, ideological disparities, and war and trade disagreements. The USA and Cuba have long lived in enmity. The two countries are separated only by water, but the extent of their disparity pulls them wide apart (Leogrande 473). In his attempt to close the gap, President Barrack Obama declared that his country was ready to restore all diplomatic relations that the USA had with Cuba before the fallout between the two nations. To assert this, the President announced plans to open up an American embassy in Havana as a way of fostering the relations. This research project is aimed at assessing the restoration of the USA-Cuba diplomatic relations after the long fallout between the two countries.


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