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History 3 Pages

The Underdogs: Leadership Role Of Demetrio Macias


Analyze the leadership role of fictional character Demetrio Macias and compare him to the historical leaders of the revolution such as Francisco (Pancho) Villa and Venustiano Carranza (focus on the “Related  Texts” selections at the end of the text).

Use evidence [facts and examples] from Azuela and “selections” to support the arguments.

Mariano Azuela, The Underdogs with Related Texts (Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company, 2006), 71


Title: The Underdogs: Leadership Role Of Demetrio Macias
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: Turabian


The Underdogs is a novel that presents a man, Demetrio Macias, who gets into trouble with the authorities, and he is being searched for by the army of Pancho Villa, the then leader of the ruler of the people. The ruler is viewed as being generous and kind to those who show loyalty and trust to him, and he is very merciless and cruel to those who do not adhere to his demands. During Pancho’s ruling many people are treated harshly by his army: women are raped, and many are left in poverty after lootings carried out by Pancho’s army. Rebel groups have formed to change the situation in the country and overthrow Pancho. Demetrio is the leader of the rebel group that fights for a change.


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