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Economics 4 Pages

The Truth About The Drug Companies


The essay will consist of a summary and critique. The critique will require the student to critically evaluate the book using the material related to the political economics.The very open ended nature of the essay assignment is meant to fulfill several objectives.

  1. Acquaint students with library resources and searching for appropriate academic material.
  2. Have students practice their comprehension skills and communicate that comprehension in a concise summary.
  3. Get students to start thinking critically about theories and arguments
  4. Force students to go over the course material to determine which topics are applicable to their essay and demonstrate an understanding of the political economics and capitalism.

You will be marked on your understanding of your paper and topic. An essential component of this is how well you communicate your ideas. Formulating a coherent, concise argument takes time, effort and skill. Papers must have full and proper references.


Title: The Truth About The Drug Companies
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Book Summary

Marcia Angell alleges and purports that the pharmaceutical industry is in a grievously appalling crisis by design in her book. The author deplores the US healthcare system for what she claims that they distribute healthcare products like commodities based on a customers’ ability to pay for it. She emphasizes that these products should be distributed on a need basis with the sick receiving priority. Americans spend $200 billion annually on drug prescription, which they unwittingly pay to fund research and advertisements of pharmaceutical merchandise (Angell, 2005). Angell outlines some of the auspicious shortcomings peddled by pharmaceutical companies with the facilitation of Congress. 

Pharmaceutical companies are notorious for hijacking genuine clinical trials and distorting them in a bid to align them with the commercialization of their prospective product (Angell, 2005). They exert bias on the clinical trials shrouding some crucial dire side effects of using their product. She singles out the infamous drug AZT that was HIV/AIDS curative; however, it alternatively turned out to be the best-selling cancer-inducing drug that has been used as themes in blockbuster movies such as ‘American Hustle’. Claritin drug too, an allergy pill, had its price skyrocket to thirteen times it initial price in a span of five years, a rate four times that of general inflation.


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