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The Test Score Gap Witnessed Between Black Children And White Children


What is the black-white test score gap discussed by Farkas, and why is it an issue of concern? 

What are the various explanations for this gap, which of these explanations best accounts for the gap according to Farkas, and what measures does he recommend to close the gap? 

How does his analysis illustrate the sociological perspective?

Writing the Discussion Question Essays

Each essay will be no longer than one page (typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins) and should respond as directly as possible to the question assigned. You need not rewrite the question, but you should include the set and question number to which you are responding under your name at the top of the page.

 Your answer should take the form of an essay rather than a list of factors, definitions, or concepts. 

For  each essay, you should cite at least two passages (with page numbers) from the relevant reading or  readings that support your answer. 

You can quote directly from the readings if necessary, but these direct quotations should be brief.

 Note that some answers to the discussion questions can be derived from particular passages in the relevant readings while others will require more synthesis.

 Evaluation! Essays, which are worth 25 points each, will be graded on three criteria:

 (1) clarity of expression and ! persuasiveness (including basic grammar),

 (2) relevance to the question being answered, and

 (3) ability to ! accurately and creatively use sociological concepts. 

To reiterate, essays are to be one-page and must reference the readings ! with formal citation (i.e. Snow et al. 1986) but do not need to have ! works cited pages. Grading Guidelines! 21-25 points:

Author's main points are sociologically insightful! Author sheds light on concepts and issues covered in the question and/or offers a creative

critique of the perspective used in the question.

Author uses evidence in a creative manner (e.g., extends concepts and findings from one domain 

 to another, applies personal experience or observations in an insightful way). Author writes clearly and persuasively, and does not commit any grammatical or logical errors


Title: The Test Score Gap Witnessed Between Black Children And White Children
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Question #2

 The test score gap is witnessed between black children and white children. As discussed by George Farkas, the gap refers to the difference between the black and the white children’s performance on various school tests. The tests include vocabulary, mathematics and reading. Some commentators link the gap to racially biased tests rather than cognitive skills. However, the gap is associated with different backgrounds and the way both the black and white children are brought up (Farkas, 2004). The gap is an issue of concern especially in the contemporary society.


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