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Anthropology 4 Pages

The Sub Saharan African Culture


Write a 1000 word essay, on the specific cultural group and topic you have researched. Include at least 3 internal citations within your essay (one from each of three sources: your text and two outside sources), in support of your explanations.


Title: The Sub Saharan African Culture
Length: 4 pages (1120 Words)
Style: MLA


Africa is a diverse continent where there are people from different cultures. There is much cultural diversity in the African continent depending on the geographical positioning of the area habited by a particular culture. This paper will discuss the Sub-Saharan African culture. I chose this culture because of its diversity and the nature of indigenous people that live with the influence from this particular culture. The Sub-Saharan African culture is particularly practiced by almost all the people who live in the southern side of the Sahara desert. The culture is practiced by people from different religious backgrounds such as Christians and Muslims. The evolution made on the nature of trading done by people from the sub-Saharan culture is also quite notable. People under this cultural group are also educated because a more than 70% of the people from this culture can read and write. The foods, music and clothing used by people from the Sub-Saharan cultural group are also quite unique making it to be recognized all over Africa and also worldwide. There are also many types of sporting activities that take place in this cultural group. For the purpose of this paper, I chose to discuss the topic of arts in relation to the Sub-Saharan culture.


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