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The Social Construct Of What It Means To Be Latino?


Throughout the semester we have explored Puerto Ricans and the Latina/o Diaspora. We initiated the class with an exercise trying to define what it meant to be Latino. After this initial conversation, we began our journey by digging deeper into this construct and what others have written about it. We examined the history of Latinos by deconstructing how Latinos became to exist as a pan-ethnic group. We then discussed how Latino's are racilaized and the impact this has had on this population and individuals identity. We continued our journey by examining various ethnic groups which make up this diaspora, discussed their social movements, the power of language, the role of gender, and finally how Latinos are educated. 

Now armed with all this knowledge I am asking you to revisit the conversation we had the first day of class, "What does it mean to be Latino"? For some of you, the topics we covered in class were new and an eye opening experience. For others, the conversations and readings helped to reinforce what you already knew about Latinos. No matter what your stance, I want you to utilize the discussions and topics (which you enjoyed the most this semester) to support your construction. You will be required to cite a minimum of four readings to support your argument (videos can be used, but you still have to cite at least four readings). All citations have to be from the assigned reading and have to be cited in APA format (See attached websites for guidance: You can utilize outside readings as well but they will not count for the minimum requirement of four citations. Make sure your citations and references are detailed and you utilize them properly. 

Your paper should include: 

  1. A cover page (Not included in the minimum amount of pgs required)  
  2. An abstract (Not included in the minimum amount of pgs required) 
  3. The main body (4-6pgs) 
  4. Reference section (Not included in the minimum amount of pgs required) 
  5. Graphs can be utilized but will not count for the page requirements 

The main body of your paper should be a minimum of four complete pages and a maximum of six pages. Your paper should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides. You should use a clear font that is highly readable. APA recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. (if you do not use these guidelines you will be penalized) 


Title: The Social Construct Of What It Means To Be Latino?
Length: 4 pages (1268 Words)
Style: APA



What makes Latinos Latinos? Many factors interplay in making this statement sound or even have a bearing. The culture of the people, their way of life and many other extricate factors come (into conjunction) to make this ethnic group what it is as of today. These factors include education, socio-cultural factors and to extent, religious and political inclinations. The group, that is the Latinos constitute people from diverse countries who originate from former Spanish colonies in the Americas.  Statistics from past censuses have helped in characterize this group as having white, as well as, blacks. Thus, in its totality, this group can be viewed as more of an ethnicity than race due to their diversity.

The social construct of what it means to be Latino

Latinos are in other words referred to as Hispanics, and they are a very diverse group. Their diversity ranges from their cultural inclinations, religion, as well as, their color. In fact, if we followed biology to classify this lot; it would be almost impossible. The dilemma presented in having a community of people with diverse colors bearing a similar ethnicity is almost perplexing. 


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