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The Scarlet Letter


For this s assignment, I would like for you to draft and develop a research paper of 8 written pages. The bibliography is page 8, so you must write 7 pages.  This paper can be an elaboration/extension of the issues/arguments of a previous response paper, but it does not have to be. You should also develop a close reading and interpretation of the text your are discussing, and the text must be a text for class we have read from Rowlandson (if you did not write the mid-term on Rowlandson) to Whitman and Dickinson.  You will need to interpret specific passages from the literary text and explain their significance as they relate to your thesis. Careful choice of quotes for explication is central to this assignment, whether those quotes are from the literary text or research sources.

The research sources you choose should add new depth and complexity to your essay. They should not simply be used abundantly to fill up space or used just barely enough to meet the research requirement. Sources should help you situate a text within a particular legal approach we discussed or an historical period in addition to providing analysis that can support your claims about a text. Sources should provide information about your text and topic.  You should also choose sources you can engage along with a critic's interpretation of a text or reading of a particular scene of significance.

You must have five hard sources, total, and must use the following types of sources:

1. You will need a critical analysis essay, which engages the texts, authors, or issues you are dealing with. Instead of simply using this writer's work to 'fill out' your reading, engage this author. What is this author's claim? How does his or her argument/analysis affect your own (do you agree with this writer's perspective? If not, what is the significance of this critical disagreement?)? You can find this type of essay in a journal from a database or a book. Sometimes, a news or magazine source will provide this type of critical analysis.

2. You will need a historical/thematic background source. This type of source can be found in a book, news article, journal from a database, or an online scholarly site such as the Library of Congress.

3. For the remaining sources, I'll allow you to choose whatever seems to be needed to effectively make your argument. These sources, like the others, must be substantial scholarly sources (that is, books or journal articles). You may also use news sources and scholarly sources. Your literary text(s) also count as sources.

Part II: Portfolio due 12/16.

1.You must include a 1 page cover-letter for your portfolio describing your development as a writer this term while evaluating the two formal papers and revised response paper you wrote for this course. Also, you must select a paper that, in your opinion, is an example of your best writing in this class and tell me why it is representative of your progress as a writer and critical thinker. Summarize each paper and highlight the strengths of your essays. Consider how you revised essays to improve them for the portfolio.

2.You should also select one of your four short response papers to revise and to include as a formal response for a grade and discuss how that open assignment allowed you to think critically about that text. You must convert a previous response paper into a formal response paper for a grade by returning to and editing it and developing it by adding half a page to it so that it is 2.5 pages in length or so.

3.You must include all drafts of all papers for this course in your portfolio, including graded drafts and revisions. I will review your individual progress by considering the improvements you made to previous paper drafts via revision.

4.You should revise the mid-term paper for this course and put it in the portfolio.

5.You must submit a final research paper that meets the above requirements.

6.Put any late responses papers you have not submitted and extra credit (will be assigned in December) in the Portfolio.


Title: The Scarlet Letter
Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
Style: MLA



The Scarlet Letter

The society comprises of all mannerisms. Human beings experience them as they struggle to look for the cause of the misfortunes that befall man. Since time immemorial, man finds difficult in constructing and defining evil basing on the ground that evil attacks all humanity both from the royal or poor backgrounds. It starts with Adam and Eve in the holy book “The Bible” that makes the first human beings suffer in the face of the Satan “evil.” Are the human beings bad or good by nature? It is a fundamental question that is too old to ask. The aspects of evil and sin attract writers of all calibers ranging from religion, philosophy, sociology, and literature try to find its causes and how it looks. The sins of adultery and hypocrisy are what compels Nathaniel Hawthorne to draft the novel “The Scarlet Letter.” The Scarlet Letter is a romantic novel that addresses the issues of sin and morality during the Romanticism period in the society. Sinning and committing evil activities has no relationship with the inheritance of the parental genes. When the child comes from the mother’s womb, it is empty. Man acquires evil through exposure to the society that practices it (Hawthorne 67). Hawthorne himself has the lineage of John Hathorne, a man that bewitched people and never repented (79). The generation of Hawthorne has the evil background. His inspiration for writing the book on this topic spans from the experience of his ancestors. From his biography, he changes the name from Hathorn to Hawthorne for fear of inheriting the genes of the witchcraft generation. But this is not what he writes. He takes the adventure to condemn evil in the society. It is a clear depiction through his book that evil is not innate. (Hawthorne 106), makes Pearl a pure, upright woman yet she comes from the blood of Dimmesdale, who represent evil. “Nowadays society is evil. It finds subtle ways of torture, to destroy the life quick, to get at the life-quick in a man. Every possible form. And still a man can hold out if he can love and listen to the Holy Ghost. But society is evil, and evil breeds evil…” (Lawrence, 80). From the statement it appears like evil generates from generation to generation. The keener look at it shows that it is the society that is evil, but man is good. The main concern is whether it is a sin to love, or whether it is evil.


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