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History 2 Pages

The Rise Of The "Floating World" In Japan


Provide comprehensive responses to each assignment below. Make sure to adhere to word minimum limits.

  1. In approx. 150-200 words examine the rise of the "floating world" in Japan. What factors led to this phenomenon? What does it reveal about the changing intellectual and social landscape of Japan? 
  2. In approx. 150-200 words discuss the rise to power of the Tokugawa shogunate in the sixteenth century in Japan? What steps did the shoguns take to control the daimyo? What factors led to the economic and population growth of Japan under the Tokugawa shoguns? 
  3. In approx. 150-200 words examine the rise of the Qing dynasty. How did the Manchus view Chinese society and culture? In what ways did the Manchus perpetuate Chinese traditions? How did they depart from them?
  4. (100 words)

Browse the following website. How do these findings complicate popular images of the samurai warrior? Once you have posted your comments.


Title: The Rise Of The "Floating World" In Japan
Length: 2 pages (643 Words)
Style: MLA


Floating World

Answer 1

 The Floating World rose from 1600 to 1868 in Japan. The Floating World, natively known as Ukiyo, was the word used to describe the meaningless lifestyle of individuals who sought pleasure in brothels, teahouses, public baths, and theatres. This lifestyle typified many lives of people in Tokugawa society who wanted to escape from the rigid conduct regulations and social responsibilities that the society demanded. The Floating World concept spread from the Japanese heartland to other mainland and island areas. The participants of this culture included the prostitutes, sumo wrestlers, kabuki theatre dancers, merchants, and the Samurai. The Floating World phenomenon arose with the increasing in urbanization, the growth of cities, wealthy people, and lively urban culture.


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