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Urban Studies 3 Pages

The Rise Of Bicycle Riding In The United States


You need to write a 3 pages paper of reviewing. And fill out the google spreadsheet. The title of the article I choose is the third article( Bike-and-ride: Build it and they will come. Journal of Public Transportation, 16(4), 83-105)  I have added the article into additional material.

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Title: The Rise Of Bicycle Riding In The United States
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


The Rise of Bicycle Riding in the United States

The use of bicycles has rapidly increased in the United States and has its positive and negative impacts.The author of the article investigates the causes of the bike boom in the United States and refers to the research data obtained from the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) records. The paper expounds on the factors that led to increased bike riding.

Bicycle riding has several benefits from health to environmental benefits. Their use improves one personal health as it acts as a form of exercise that reduces obesity issues that are hard to solve. Environmentally, it reduces instances of air pollution through the toxic fumes emitted by motors. He further compares the level of bicycle use in various countries; Netherlands, Portland and Canada. He continually relates the bicycle use in Europe and United States. He focuses on the use of bicycles to access the railway stations.


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