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The Return Of Rustam With Bijan From Turkestan


Project description

Analyze the art work The return of Rustam with Bijan from Turkestan Link to art work

Answer the following questions

Analysis: Identify the artwork and give the medium (painting, oil, on canvas, sculpture, etc.) and dimensions. Give a thorough description of what you see. Try to conquer the space with words. Use spatially informative vocabulary, such as in the upper left hand corner or the foreground develops in the shape of a triangle in the lower third of the picture space.: If you give information about objects or people depicted in your picture, try and locate them in the picture space. 

The visual questions that should be answered: what do you see in the foreground, middle ground and background? What are peoples expressions, relations to each other? What colors does he artist use? How does the artist use light in this work is there three-dimensional perspective shown in the work?

What is depicted in this artwork? Is here a story or an event? How is the work represented? Is it realistic or abstract? What kind of texture does the work of art have> Does it look rough, smooth, etc. Explain the impact this piece of art has you.

Research Portion: Try to find literature (books, peer=reviewed articles, etc. Not generic website such as Wikipedia . If you are having trouble with finding peer reviewed articles you can Access JSTOR or EBSCO Host for peer-reviewed articles through the college library Via link . The research must be based on the work of art used in your visual analysis. The research discusses a number of aspects of the work of art, such as the time period, style or related ideas. Give the authors opinions and quote them correctly as follows.


Title: The Return Of Rustam With Bijan From Turkestan
Length: 3 pages (931 Words)
Style: MLA


The Return of Rustam with Bijan from Turkestan

Identification of the art work

This is a painting of “The return of Rustam with Bijan from Turkestan”, which is available in the Museum of Art of San Diego. It shows a group of people welcoming an important person in the society perhaps from a long travel. It is a three dimensional sculpture with a mixture of colors. A detailed look reveals that this is a fine drawing and painting art work. It shows rough background, with features such as human beings and horses.

Foreground Middle ground and Back ground

At the foreground, there is an empty floor with a log of wood lying horizontally. The floor has decorations which are writtings, probably  in Arabic Language. The middle ground has nine people and four horses. The faces of these people show that they are light in color.


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