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The relationship between capital structure and performance indicator in UAE
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The Relationship Between Capital Structure And Performance Indicator In Uae


Evaluation of the impact of capital structure on the profitability and return of shareholders of Bank of Baroda and Dubai Islamic Bank.


Title: The Relationship Between Capital Structure And Performance Indicator In Uae
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1.0 Introduction

  Sinha the corporation is a nexus of contracts that involve different parties laying claim to the assets of the firm (57). The various parties that lay claim on the asset of the firm contribute to the very financing of the assets. The capital structure presents the various sources of capital in the firm. There are three common forms of capital that the firm utilizes to finance its operations; retained earnings, equity capital and debt capital (Sheeba, 278). The use of the three capital sources and the preference of their use differs from one firm to another. Predominantly, those owners preferring to maintain ownership and control of their firm adopt the use of debt capital and retained earnings.


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