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The Prologue


The Prologue to Down is a timeless cry that Piri seems to have issued many times before, from many rooftops—a cry for “recognition, whatever that mudder-fuckin word means” (ix). He addresses the “World” from his vantage point above the streets of “my Harlem,” and he not only tells us what he sees, but he tells us what his premonitions are of his future (ix). 

In the style of Thomas’s narrator, write your own version of this demand for recognition, from your current vantage point and with regard to your own premonitions of the future. Try to imitate Piri’s voice, but draw on your own content in terms of your home or neighborhood, what inspires you, what angers you, and so on. (250 words minimum)


Title: The Prologue
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


The prologue

It seems my voice no longer gets heard whenever I speak out. I do not have to tell everyone how many times I sit on top of this tree, staring at this miserable dwelling. It is potentially better than the way it is, my home. The condition of the house disgusts with the old and rusty roof, which leaks whenever it rains. The potholes fill the floor, which make it look like an old and a badly maintained highway. Indeed, I fail to comprehend what it means by being in this depressed situation.


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