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Philosophy 5 Pages

The Problem Of Evil Is...


In this essay, students will be expected to:• demonstrate an understanding of the task of metaphysics, epistemology, or ethics• demonstrate an understanding and grasp of two alternative traditions or methodologies • correctly characterize philosophers’ views• Evaluate the strength and/or weakness of philosophical arguments.


Title: The Problem Of Evil Is...
Length: 5 pages (1500 Words)
Style: MLA


People believe in the existence of a powerful and omnipresent God. However, this belief is challenged by the existence of suffering and evil in the world. For centuries, the problem of evil has been a recurrent issue for theologians and philosophers. As a matter of fact, theists have in the past argued that the suffering and evil results are logically incompatible with the existence of an all-powerful God (Muehlhauser). Since the publication of “Evil and Omnipresent” in 1955, J. L. Mackie’s work has become one of the most discussed topics in philosophy. Moreover, the article led to the development of the philosophical statement about the problem of evil. Similarly, most philosophers view this topic as an important and a perfect argument for atheism.

In the first place, believing in the existence of a perfect God and the presence of suffering and evil results into a simultaneous belief in two religious and contradicting propositions. Thus...


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