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The Nrd Commentary


A case study of NRD council in New York


Title: The Nrd Commentary
Length: 3 pages (859 Words)
Style: APA


The NRD commentary

Introduction to the case

The NRD is a council based in New York and falls under the category of non- profit organizations with international as well as environmental advocacy groups within which offices based in DC operate. Several branch offices exist in states such as san Francisco, LA as well as Beijing among others. The network was founded in 1970 and currently operates at a rate of 1.4 million memberships that includes both online activists, nationwide as well as staff oriented with a base of over 400 professionals such a lawyers, doctors and scientists among others. The firm stands out due to its ability to raise funds within such a short time as well as play a vital role in the politics of America. Some of the programs within the network include climate initiatives such as the climate variance as well as the clean air project.


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