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Sociology 5 Pages

The Memor "Girls Like Us" By Rachel Llyod


Ina(5) five--paged paper, answer the following short-answer questions. Ensure that your answers are explained in a manner that reflects not only the structure of social life expressed in the memoir, but also serves to bring to life sociological concepts in your text, articles and discussed in class

1. According to Rachel Lloyd, what are the risk factors for the commercial sexual exploitation of both children and adults in the United States? Explain in detail.

2. Explain the complexity of choice, as it relates to both Rachel Lloyds elucidation of the choices she made and that young girls make when entering and leaving “the life”? Furthermore, how it relates to Paul Farmer’s concept of structural violence.

3. Slavery, exploitation, and violence, as manifested through ‘prostitution’, have become mainstream in the media,hip-hop and popular culture’s embrace and portrayal of being a “pimp”. Give the evidence outlined by Rachel Lloyd for this assertion and discuss the possible implications.

4. The sociological concepts of differential association, stigma, labeling and master status have all been portrayed in the memoir. Highlight and explain in detail the variety of ways these concepts are manifested in the life of Rachel Lloyd and the lives of the young  girls she seeks to help.How can these concepts help us understand the obstacles faced in seeking justice?

5. What are the main reasons that Rachel Lloyd calls for the abandonment of the term “prostitution” and the legal culpability that comes with such action in favor of the term “commercial sexually exploited children”? How has, if any, your perception been altered about prostitution?


Title: The Memor "Girls Like Us" By Rachel Llyod
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Girls like us

Girls like Us is a memoir by Rachel Lloyd that highlights the impacts of commercial sex on young girls in the United States. She carefully explains the issue using her own story to make the audience understand the magnitude of the problem. She delivers the story in an effective manner which triggers an emotional reaction from the audience. Lloyd talks about the vulnerability of these girls and the how society has continued to look down on the issue while glorifying some of the perpetrators of the act. The memoir is, thus, a good mirage of some of these events which occur in the society yet few people are brave enough to expose them.


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