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"The Medium Is The Message" Marshall Mc Luhan


The "Medium is the Message" - Marshall McLuhan article summary


Title: "The Medium Is The Message" Marshall Mc Luhan
Length: 1 pages (315 Words)
Style: APA


"The Medium is the Message" - Marshall McLuhan


'The medium is the Message’ is a book authored by Marshall McLuhan that explores the manner in which the development of technology has restructured and reshaped the patterns of social interdependence and all other aspects of personal life. The developments discussed in the book are the evolution of the tangible print media to the intangible media, such as the internet. The intangible media has now transformed the world into a global village with a rapid flow of information. The medium, which refers to the modern technology, has a significant social effect on everyone. The mass, in this case, is the public that receives the message. The medium provides a way of connecting with everyone. All the people in the society have access to the same information and are allowed to take it the way they wish.


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