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English 101 1 Page

The Interview


This response post concerns both interview readings you have completed from FieldWorking (“The Interview” and “The Interview 2” in our course readings folder on BlueLine). Respond to the two questions below.

Your responses should be 400 words total. That's roughly 200 words per response. Over or under 400 by up to 25 words is fine. Please note the word count at the end of your response.

Use at least one direct quote from the readings in each response.

Sunstein and Chiseri-Strater say, “Fieldworkers must turn interview transcripts into writing, making a kind of verbal film,” and interview transcripts "are only partial representations of the actual interview process” (233). They say you must bring your interviewee’s life to the page. In what specific ways does Cindie Marshall bring her interviewees’ lives to the page in “Ralph’s Sports Bar?” Make sure you reference specific examples from her writing.

After reading both interviewing excerpts, what are some tips you would give a first-time interviewer for developing interview questions and preparing for the interview? In other words, what must an interviewer do before he/she goes into the interview?


Title: The Interview
Length: 1 pages (446 Words)
Style: MLA


Cindie Marshall’s article Ralph’s Sports Bar is a good example of how one brings their interviewee’s life to the page. Firstly, she does this by describing the setting and atmosphere on her arrival at the bar. Her explanation of the suspicious mood when she enters and the standoffish attitude of the bikers in their groups helps one envisage the scene.

Further, she also describes the informant’s physical appearance when she talks of Teardrop. Teardrop was missing her front teeth, both top and bottom. In addition, she had a small dark green vine tattoo on her wrist, with her watch covering most of it. More so, she had a black tattoo in the shape of a teardrop high on her cheek. This description enables one to visualize Teardrop and identify more with her.


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