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"The Intended" By David Dabydeen


Please analyze the following passage in the context of the narrator and Joseph's friendship. "'I don't need to write it,' Joseph said fiercely, 'I know the sound of it,' and as if to prove the point, he strummed his guitar. I continued to drum pentameter and trochee on the table whilst Jospeh retaliated by composing a tune around the rhythms, so that after five minutes or so of experimentation the two of us arrived at a harmony like tabla and sitar players." (71). Why does the narrator admire Joseph? What does the above quote illustrate about relatedness and friendship?

The novel is "The Intended" by David Dabydeen


Title: "The Intended" By David Dabydeen
Length: 2 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


"The Intended" by David Dabydeen

It is evident from the context that the narrator also plays music. Joseph was conversing with him as he drummed the pentameter and trochee. Furthermore, the texts asserts that Joseph was “retaliating” against him. A reader will conclude that Joseph and the narrator had different opinions over an issue. An issues can be defined as anything that people can have two or more perspectives over it. Therefore, it is right to conclude the narrator’s and Joseph’s opinions about music conflicted.


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