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The Human Computer Interface


1.Explain haptic feedback, describe its key uses, and explain why it is needed.

2.Compare the various types of human memory and their impact on the human-computer interface.

3.Describe the potential outcomes of not using consistency in the human-computer interface.

4.Summarize and explain the steps of the user-centric design process.

5.Explain the role of human motion in the design of the human-computer interface.


Title: The Human Computer Interface
Length: 4 pages (1258 Words)
Style: APA


The Human Computer Interface

Haptic Feedback

 Haptic feedback or simply “haptics” is the use of touch sense in the user interface design to provide end user with relevant information. Haptic feedback uses advanced waveforms and vibration patterns to deliver information to an operator or user. The term ‘haptic’ is derived from the Greek phrase ‘I touch.’ Traditionally, devices communicate to users through visual and audible alerts such as beeps, bells, LEDs and others. The simpler relative vibration alerting used in haptic feedback is in an increasing demand to replace the old alert techniques. Using haptic feedback in many applications improves user experience.


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