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The Great Depression


In preparation for this discussion, you will be going through the personal recollections gathered in the first two “books” of Studs Terkel’s Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression. Consider the following statement: “While the Depression is known for its devastating material impacts (i.e. on people’s livelihood, housing, health, etc.), its psychological impacts were even more devastating.”

I'll take the positon: The material impacts were more devastating than the psychological.

Each student should provide an original argument to support his or herdesignated position, using at least 2 different characters from the Hard Times book.


Title: The Great Depression
Length: 1 pages (328 Words)
Style: MLA


The Great Depression

The material impacts were more devastating than the psychological. It is because so much was destroyed compared to how people were affected psychologically. A case of an elderly civil servant who was from Washington and had bought a land and planted bananas but she did not harvest anything for they become rotten. It is devastating remembering the material she had used to ensure the bananas grew, but it ended being a waste. She recalls the fare she spent daily going there to see and manage the land and considered this as wastage of her resources. The paper analyzes the devastating material impacts as compared to the psychological impacts (Terkel 145).


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