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The Film John Q And Cultural Factors In Health Care


Many events occur in the hospital setting that have a profound impact on people, both on those who are cared for and those who deliver care. The media has contributed to the rhetorical discussion of these events. Some sources of documentation are the films John Q., Patch Adams, and Wit. These films include how health care professionals are socialized into the profession and highlights ethical issues in health care. You must read Chapter 8 and incorporate your readings into your responses. Be sure to incorporate the Maze of Health Care, page 197. Include a minimum of 2 barriers you identified in the film from the Amazing Maze of Health Care

State what film you watched, and answer the following questions: Use these questions as your headings.

  • What factors contribute to the chaos evident in the film?
  • What barriers (from Barriers to Health Care- Navigating the amazing maze of health care Figure 8.5 pg. 197) were apparent in the film? Mimimum of 2)

 Has this or a similar situation occurred in reality? Give examples from the literature/interviews from health care professionals. Cite your references. These may not be from your personal experience. Example must be a specific situation. Be sure to maintain confidentiality. Do not include names or


Title: The Film John Q And Cultural Factors In Health Care
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


The film John Q and Cultural Factors in Health Care

The American thriller John Quincy made history because of the concepts it highlighted about the American medical care system and the human factor issues. John Quincy, who stars in the film, is a role played by renowned actor Denzel Washington. This is an African American, who finds himself in a tight situation when he is unable to cater for his ailing son’s medical bills. His insurance is unable to meet the expenses of a heart surgery that his son requires. In great panic, he tries to find a solution by himself regardless of the dangers involved. He is running out of time which means he cannot pursue a legal way of raising funds for his son who is already in the hospital. He takes 11 hospital hostages in order to fulfill his desire of finding a quick solution of saving his son’s life.


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