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The Filipino American Immigrant Experience


Analyze/criticize/compare and contrast the stories in terms of negotiating/struggling of Filipino (Americans)' identity.

* Find/analyze some metaphors

This is Filipino American study course, so the student should focus on Filipino American !!!

You have to use 1~2 external materials (essay, article, book etc) that could support your argument. (Total 3 resources)


Title: The Filipino American Immigrant Experience
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


The Filipino-American Immigrant Experience


Filipinos living and working in America have distinct identity struggles. There is a considerable population of the Filipinos in different states. The Filipinos became the "invisible minorities" and had recognition as the forgotten Asians. This is because they have had a long history in the United States, which makes them familiar with the American and English values. This is what the two stories Scent of Apples and The Day the Dancers Came by Bienvenido N. Santos wants to illustrate. The Filipino children know how to communicate in English, which make it unnecessary for them to learn their heritage languages. However, Filipinos learn such languages to maintain their culture, for example. Language being one of the cultural aspects, and it is a formidable part. How do the themes of exile and the frustrations that Filipinos go through in America lead to the acculturating experiences?


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