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"The Effects Of Designer Babies On The Society"


Essay Writing I: Argumentative Essay



This essay will assess your ability to apply all the skills you have learned so far in this course. You will use your outline, annotated bibliography, research and class work to build an MLA-formatted paper.



·      Write a fiveparagraph essay (around 1,000 words) on the issue you have chosen.

·      Follow the plan you made in your outline. Remember that you may have to change your topic sentences and your subtopics to fit with your new evidence.

·      You should include at least two of the pieces of evidence you found for your annotated bibliography. You should also make sure you have at least two print sources among your evidence. You should use a variety of evidence types.

·      Make sure you have a clear introduction type (one of the 4 we discussed in class, Historical, Funnel introduction or Dramatic, interesting funny or story or a statistic introduction) with a complete thesis statement.

·      Each body paragraph should include:

a topic sentence, supporting details, your evidence, anMLA in-text citation, an explanation of your evidence and a transition.

·      Restate your thesis in the conclusion and include a closing statement.

·      End your paper with a Works Cited page. You can use the list of citations from your Annotated Bibliography.

·      We will be doing a Peer Review of your first draft. Make sure you respond to suggestions and use editing tools and techniques to improve your final draft.

·      You will lose marks if you have not fixed the issues I circled and marked in your outline.


q At least two print sources.

q At least two sourcesshould come from your annotated bibliography.


MLA style, with headers, title information on the first page, double spacing, in-text citation and a Works Cited page.


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(upload to SafeAssign AND give me a hard copy in class or in my mailbox in the Women’s Building)     


Essay Rubric


Student Name: ___________________________________       #: ___________________


Element Excellent Satisfactory Needs Improvement Points
  5     4   3 2 1 0    
  Organization  There is a logical sequence of information. Introduction, thesis statement, topic sentences, paragraph support, and conclusion are effective.There is some logical sequence of information. Organizational elements are present though not entirely effective.There is little or no logical sequence of information. Organizational elements are missing or weak. 
  Design  Paper demonstrates correct MLA format and documentation, including heading, paper format, in-text parenthetical citations, and Works CitedMost elements of MLA format and documentation are in place, but may be missing some elementsLittle to no attempt has been made to construct paper using MLA standards of formatting and documentation. 
  Content  Document covers topic completely and in depth. Information is clear, appropriate, and accurate. Support is strong and well documented.Document includes some essential information.  Some information is somewhat confusing, incorrect, or flawed.  Support is general or poorly documented.Document includes little essential information. Information is confusing, inaccurate, or flawed. Support is missing or very weak. 
  Language  Spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are accurate. Fluent and effective writing style. Use of academic (but not unnecessarily wordy) language.There are minor problems in spelling, grammar, usage, and/or punctuation. Writing may be somewhat awkward. Style may be somewhat conversational or informal.There are persistent errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and/or punctuation. Sentence level readability is very low. Style may be very conversational or informal. 
  Effectiveness  Ideas were communicated clearly and appropriately for the audience.  Document meets all requirements of an effective essay.There was some difficulty communicating ideas to the intended audience. Document meets requirements of essays, but there are deviations from standards.There was great difficulty communicating ideas to the intended audience. Document does not meet requirements for essays. 
Total Score = ___/25




Title: "The Effects Of Designer Babies On The Society"
Length: 5 pages (1435 Words)
Style: MLA


"The effects of Designer Babies on the Society"

Initially, the term designer babies were not a common term in people’s minds since it was not clear as to how a baby can be designed according to the descriptions of the parents. However, with the introduction of biotechnologies, there has been the widespread issue of genetically engineered babies (Bliss 54). This is the concept of designer babies, just like designer clothes are made upon descriptions and characteristics of the client. Through genetic engineering, experts are now able to study the genetics in an individual and come up with a baby who possesses those characteristics in the laboratory. These are called ‘test tube babies’ or the designer babies (Abarado 34). The world has seen wonders through the discovery of child designing mechanisms and chroning. Fertilization of female eggs is done in a test tube under special conditions designed to provide an environment that looks like that of a woman’s womb. The question that is left unanswered is whether it is ethical to manipulate human life, and to look the way one want through the use of technology. Thesis: The biotechnology discovery is indeed excellent, but a few concerns stand in its way, which include high costs of engineering a baby, having different species that may cause various social implications, and facing human biases, since people will be choosing the unique character traits, as well as physical traits for the babies they want to be designed for them.


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