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The Effects of Abortion on Mental Health
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The Effects Of Abortion On Mental Health


Research Proposal

Develop an original research study proposal and describe it in detail (APA style).  Include at least 10 scholarly references in your proposal. Use the following outline as a guide when writing your paper. Be sure to include detailed information on all of the topics listed below and use headings to organize your thoughts.

  1. Statement of the problem: Introduce the reader to the problem to be studied. Provide sufficient background information such that the reader has a grasp of the situation and its importance.
  2. Review of the literature: Provide the reader with a review of most relevant literature, beginning with general information, and narrowing the focus to the specific issues under consideration in the study.
  3. Purpose of the study: Identify why the study that you are proposing is needed.
  4. Hypotheses or research questions: List them as simple statements. Make sure they are measurable.
  5. Definition of terms: Operationally define terms the average reader may not know, or that have a specific meaning in your study.
  6. Assumptions: Identify issues you assume to be true in order for your study to be valid.
  7. Research methods and procedures
    1. Population: Describe the population sample to be studied
    2. Procedure: Discuss how the study will be carried out.
    3. Instruments: Describe the specific measurements (instruments) to be used to test each hypothesis (research question).
    4. Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you intend to use to analyze the data produced from your instruments, and how that would answer the hypotheses (research questions).
    5. Discussion: Since you are only proposing (not conducting) a research study, you will not have results; however, you can discuss potential outcomes. Review your hypothesis and discuss how this study will address it. For example, if the results allow you to reject the null hypothesis, what are the implications? What would happen if you fail to reject the null hypothesis? Discuss the implications of your proposed study, the limitations of your study, and future research ideas and directions.
  8. Implications: Provide a brief summary of your proposal and a powerful statement as to how your study would advance the field.
  9. References: Include at least 10 scholarly sources in your Reference section. Be sure to use APA style throughout your paper.

Title: The Effects Of Abortion On Mental Health
Length: 11 pages (2346 Words)
Style: APA


Does abortion affect mental health? Are the two related? The proposed study aims to explore and analyze mental health issues that may result from an abortion. Among the issues considered include anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, alcohol and drug abuse the connection between abortion and mental health is considered weak since previous studies have not linked it with enough evidence. The participants of the study comprise of 100 women aged between sixteen and 25 years that had an abortion within the last one year. The study will engage the participants with a clinical interview to enable them obtain suitable information about their medical history and the medical history of their families. One condition of inclusion in the study is that a participant should not have a history of mental illness before or during the abortion. The interview will also consider factors such as violence exposure, poverty, and history of drug and substance abuse. The participants are also required not to have experienced other factors that may cause poor mental health. The study will be conducted over duration of 20 years to determine variations that may be caused by long-term effects.  Participants will be interviewed once per year for the first five years after which interviews will be conducted after every five years. The interviews will be conducted comprehensively to ensure that all aspects of mental health can be identified, especially the discussion of significant events that may have occurred since abortion was performed. This is important to help account for factors that may lead to other mental disorders not related to the abortion factor.


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