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The Effect Of Words And Their Contribution In Poetry


What is the relationship between individual words and the meanings that they contribute to in poems?

Using the three poems given in the first unit, "Words, Words, Words" by Sepamla, "When I Heard the

Learned Astronomer" by Whitman, and "For the Grave of Daniel Boone" by Stafford, reflect on how

words carry a certain prior meaning into the poem and thus help create a larger reality than just the one

object, action, quality, etc. represented by the word; also, reflect on how the meanings of words are

affected by their context in the poem itself, and other contexts, as in the historical context. Sepamla's

poem, for example, was written in South the early 1980s--before many of the events that we

have witnessed over the past 30 years! Finally, do the word sounds do anything to the meanings of the

poems, or inflect the meanings of the words?


Title: The Effect Of Words And Their Contribution In Poetry
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


The Effect of Words and their Contribution in Poetry

Poetry has a stored magic that is derived from the multiple images, lyricism and the words. How words are used can arouse different emotions in a poem. Words also carry certain meanings in poems than just being isolated events or actions. Words can be affected by the circumstances that poets find themselves in and even the period of writing(Diane 10).


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