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The Documentary Film Bullied


Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History

Content Requirements (3-4 pages of content):

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Summary of the film
  • Discussion of how the film is connected to relevant readings and class
  • Discussion of your opinion of the film and why it may or may not be relevant to your own life or field ofstudy
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Follow MLA formatting for the paper, in-text citations and Works Cited page (all of which are required)
  • Pull and cite information from both the film and your textbook
    (in-text citations are required) 

Title: The Documentary Film Bullied
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


The Documentary Film Bullied

Many students fight harassments today. The documentary film “Bullied” is praised for offering hope to such kind of harassments faced through giving a student’s ordeal from anti-gay bullies. The film “Bullied” is connected to Meredith LeVande’s article Women, Pop Music, and Pornography. This essay discusses how the film is connected to Meredith presentation and the relevance of the film in life. 

“Bullied” can be regarded as a milestone for the fight against bullying and harassment in high and middle schools. The documentary film is forty minutes long that features Spanish subtitle and closed captioning. The film helps in creating a safe school environment for students, teachers and administrators. This includes students who are gay and lesbian. The film gives chronicles of Jamie Nabozny ordeal and the bullying the student endured from anti-gay.


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