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The Criminal Justice System Process


Write an essay that considers the criminal process from arrest through sentencing and appeal. Identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the process along each step in the process. 

In your evaluation, discuss how these weaknesses might be corrected. What factors push against their correction? Also, assess how factors external to the criminal justice system such as budgetary and political realities impact the identified strengths and weaknesses. (2,000-2,500 words)


Title: The Criminal Justice System Process
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: MLA


Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice system is composed of 16 processes. They include; Intake ,The First Appearance, Right To Counsel, Bail, Substance Abuse Evaluations, Plea Bargains, Pre-Indictment Events , Pre-trial Intervention Programme (P.T.I.), Grand Jury, Indictment Process, Pre-Arraignment Conference, Pre-trial Conferences and The Status, The Trials, Pre-Sentence Investigations, Sentencing and Reports, Post-conviction Motions, and finally the "TEAM" concept. These processes constitute a case from arrest through sentencing to appeal (Neubauer & Fradella 27). This paper critically addresses some of these processes as well as the strengths and weaknesses involved in every step. Moreover, the paper examines how the strengths and weaknesses may be corrected. Finally, the paper will look at the external factors that impact on the identified strengths and weaknesses.


The first process involves the arrest after the crime has been reported. After the arrest, the Criminal Division of Superior Court takes over the case and starts to manage the criminal complaints from the time that the case was reported to the resolution of either the case or “disposition". After the accused/defendant is arrested, the charge is opened against him in a formal complaint or law enforcement agents (such as the police) that the accused was involved directly or indirectly in committing the offense against the complainant (Kam 18). The arrest can also be because of "indictment" by group of citizens who seeks to consider certain evidence, called the "grand jury". 


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