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The Changing Roles of Women in the American Society
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The Changing Roles Of Women In The American Society


Prepare a response with evidence and examples to 

how has the role of women changed since 1877? How do you account for this change?


Title: The Changing Roles Of Women In The American Society
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The Changing Roles of Women in the American Society

The Changing Roles of Women in the 19th Century

Significant changes took place in the lives of American women in the 19th century. Before the 19th century, women and men were expected to fill separate societal spheres. The life of men was so much public and majorly involved working in factory settings or socializing with their fellow men in public places like bars or meeting points. The life of women was mostly homebound, and they were expected to stay at home while taking care of home cleaning, rearing of children and cooking. In all their free time, women were not supposed to socialize but were to spend their time doing things related to family maintenance ranging from sewing to laundry and cooking. Due to these traditional restrictions, very few women had the opportunity to go to school or get some level of education as opposed to men. In fact the education of women was viewed as being subversive, they were shut out of all political activity and were not even allowed to vote. They were not even authorized to own property.

 Women acceptance of these traditional roles began to dissipate at the turn of the 19th century. They began to take an increasing serious role in the temperance and abolition movements. The starting point was the 1848 women rights convention in New York. The conference was characterized by harsh criticism of male domination and lack of space for women in public activities. The meeting was a precursor to a series of meetings, rallies, and protests all aimed at bringing the issue of women rights into the mainstream public consciousness.


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