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The Changing Definition Of Art


“What is Art?” is a critical essay about the changing definition of art. Students will be asked to create a working definition for art, and describe why art exists and how it functions within a society. 

Please consult the paper guidelines under the File menu for general guidelines on expectations for papers for this class.

Each essay is a short (2-4 pages, double-spaced) essay based on in-class discussions and direct personal observation of the artwork. Papers should exhibit concise reasoning, good organization and proper formatting. Footnotes and bibliography are not required, but if you do use footnotes you MUST observe proper stylistic and formatting rules. For the field of Art History, use either the Chicago Manual of Style.


Title: The Changing Definition Of Art
Length: 2 pages (621 Words)
Style: MLA


The Changing Definition of Art

Among the activities performed by individuals, there are such that have a greater meaning and effect on people's lives than we think. Art can be referred to one of such activities. Art is an ancient concept that has relation to a diverse variety of human activities that are usually a resemblance to the author's imaginative or technical versions. These activities are intended to create visual, auditory and also performing artworks in front of the audience who always appreciates the beauty or emotional power expressed by the actors.  The study of art states that it is characterized in the form of its representation of the reality of life, expression, and emotion or affection communication.  Art is a practice that stimulates a person's thoughts, feelings or believes in a form of senses. The complexity of art lies in the fact that these activities are the production of artwork, the study of art history and also the beauty concern dissemination of art.

Art has had a variety of functions as times pass making it difficult to create its abstract or quantify it to a single concept. It should be clear that the purpose of art in the society is communication of ideas or emotions from one individual to another. For ages, communities have interpreted that art is a vessel for self-expression and understanding. In the wake of times, Modernity has supported the existence of art and has ensured that its idea is not viewed as something vague or related to art. Some philosophers have stated that it is only art that can be used to relate past events or culture to the modern ways of life.


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