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The Bullwhip Effect


Prepare a research paper about "The Bullwhip Effect." This paper should be in font size 12, Times New Roman style, double spaced and include the Bibliography. You should cover in detail 3 things:

  1. What is the Bullwhip Effect
  2. When does it happen
  3. What measures could be taken to prevent and/or solve this effect.

The minimum length is 3 full pages.


Title: The Bullwhip Effect
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


The Bullwhip Effect


An autonomous supply chain is at times prone to errors. A small change in demand at the retail customer level can escalate, as the order is placed upstream. The problem grows bigger as each department in a business tries to solve the problem at its level. The organization thus orders more goods to meet the new customer demands. This effect known as the ‘Bullwhip effect’, is a common occurrence in most industries’ supply chains and results in poor service and cost increase (Li 191).


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