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The Big Secret Of Dealing With People


Write a Brief on two techniques that you learned by reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. For each of the two techniques or principles you select, give two examples of how you’ve observed it in action in your life or in things you’ve read.


Title: The Big Secret Of Dealing With People
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The big secret of dealing with people

One of the techniques that I learned from reading the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” is the big secret of dealing with people.

The author explains that the only secret to dealing with people is making the other party develop the interest of wanting to do something.

To make someone want to do something does not entail the use of threats. Any crude method of influencing someone to do something has undesired repercussions.

The only way that one can be influenced to do something is by giving what is needed to do the task.

For instance, threatening employees that they will be fired if they do not perform is not a solution to have them perform. The same way, using a whip on a child is not a guarantee of change of behavior.

The author argues that influencing the other party to do something requires the use of a positive approach; which is beneficial to both parties.


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