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The Archetypical Structure In Pan’s Labyrinth Centered On Heroine’s Journey


Identify where it is in the Heroine's Journey and what is important about this stage of the Journey (SG 158). If the scene diverges from the Monomyth, what does this difference say about Ofelia's quest? 

Decide which literary/narrative techniques  are most helpful in interpreting this scene: 

  1. What is real and what imagined (visible and invisible worlds) as part of the fairytale genre 
  2. Symbolism or mythical allusions—what is their function and meaning? 
  3. Binary oppositions or parallels in 2 different worlds as part of the fairytale, what is there function and meaning? 
  4. Mood through music, lighting, word choice, body language, etc. How does it fit the fairytale genre? 
  5. Tone through music, lighting, word choice, etc. How does it fit the fairy tale genre?
  6. Other?

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Title: The Archetypical Structure In Pan’s Labyrinth Centered On Heroine’s Journey
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


The Archetypical Structure in Pan’s Labyrinth Centered on Heroine’s Journey

Pan’s Labyrinth is a great movie for discussing fairy tales, because of its intuition into the myth making of the psyche. This is in reference to the long-held assertion that archetypical resources often resurface where there is a lack of human resources. The paper’s discussion is about the last scene in the movie, Ofelia’s death, and her escapism from fantasy to realism (Del Toro n.d.). The author goes insane, because her beloved has killed her father, leaving the innocent heroine with traumatic circumstances that she cannot control. In response to the situation, she loses touch with this unbearable reality by entering the realm of Vidal, a cruel king. This paper discusses the mythic structure of Pan’s Labyrinth and relates it to the death of the heroine and her journey through the fantasy and the real world. The movie uses symbolism and realism to depict a sad fairy tale ending that takes the heroine back to reality.


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