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The arbitrator
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The Arbitrator


Title: The Arbitrator
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1. As arbitrator, what would be your award and opinion in this arbitration?

As arbitrator, my award and opinion would be in accordance with the company. This is because the company reserves the right to subcontract the work. Also, it reserves the right to abolish the three job classifications as it deems fit and beneficial to the organization without necessarily involving the union. Accordingly, this will be the case as long the workers are not laid off and their salary or jobs affected to a great extent. It was deemed reasonable to abolish those classifications when the company realized it could no longer operate its sanitation system as it used to. 

Most importantly, the employees did not bring forward any complain in regard to their jobs, working hours or salaries. It is in my opinion that the company did not disregard any regulation of the CBA if they did, it was not intentionally or of a big magnitude that would have required it to negotiate with the union(Anonymous, 2010). It is equally important for the union to note that, with the changing technology, companies are compelled to modify their operation in accordance with the new technology.

2. Identify the key, relevant section(s), phrases or words of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and explain why they were critical in making your decisions


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