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The Affordable Care Act


What is the Affordable Care Act?

What are the goals of the ACA?

Describe some of the provisions related to children’s oral healthcare in the ACA?

What is the Alternative Dental Health Care Provider Demonstration (ADHCPD) program? How might this program impact the profession of dental hygiene?

Describe the basic structure of the ACA (from Sparer’s 6 strategies)

Describe two of Sparer’s 10 trends in health care (using your own words), and then discuss how these trends might affect the profession of dental hygiene


Title: The Affordable Care Act
Length: 3 pages (834 Words)
Style: MLA


The Affordable Care Act

STEP ONE: Read the article: “The Affordable Care Act: Implications for America’s Oral Health Care System” by Spencer Williams, ACCESS Magazine, August 2013

  • What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive federal law on health care reform that has several regulations pertaining to patient protection in the provision of healthcare (Williams 1).


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