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Literature 9 Pages

The Abnormal: We Fear And Love It


The Abnormal: We Fear And Love It

When we are reading stories, we would easily be touched if we encounter something familiar. A mother’s love for her children, the denouncement of wars, the relationships between the blacks and whites, etc. But one day we get tired. We are not touched any more. We find that we fail to laugh or cry. Yes, we need something new, something strange, something abnormal. But we fear it, too. We fear we can’t understand it. We fear even if we understand it, we can’t accept it. However, we can’t deny that we enjoy the shock and excitement.

Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings” is such an “abnormal” story. Strictly speaking, it is not a story, but fragments of stories. After reading it, we know the secret of the plot: it’s a what after a what after a what. If Atwood wants, he can write a hundred stories about John and Mary. What really counts is how and why. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is well-known for his magic realism style, which is also revealed in “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”. People haven’t seen a creature like the old man. Who believes he is an angel, anyway? Would they respect or torture him? Nothing can be predicted. Good. Julio Cortazar’s little story “Continuity of Parks” is kind of magical, too. The author successfully mixes the reality and fiction unconsciously. The man is reading a novel in which he is also a part, how talented is that? Then I have to say I am shocked after reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”. I have never realized a revenge can be this dark and cruel. The biggest surprise must be Peter Carey’s “Do You Love Me?”. Carey creates a world where people unloved would disappear, which is called dematerialization. Strange but interesting, right? Finally, I want to mention Rushdie’s novel “Haroun and the sea of stories”. It is full of bold imagination. A city where it always rains, a factory which produces sadness, a father who can tell endless good stories and a son who is ready to embrace anything unbelievable. It is a children’s book but also suitable for adults. As a matter of fact, people of different ages would have different interpretations of it.


Title: The Abnormal: We Fear And Love It
Length: 9 pages (2405 Words)
Style: MLA


The Abnormal: We Fear and Love It

In an environment where normal is the norm, the abnormal reigns in a happy zone without fearing failure. Abnormal people do not dread their lives or live dull lives; rather, they embrace the strange and take on it with deep passionate love (Warren 133). For the normal, there is the possibility that you will be living a dull life for the better part of your stay on earth. There is no beauty in being normal, but the excellence lies in being abnormal. People like Rama, Krishna, or Moses were never normal. They had a distinct feature from the rest of the people. Further yet, Jesus, Buddha, or Michelangelo were not normal. Also consider the likes of Steve jobs or Mahatma Gandhi; there is no normal in them. Of the people listed, “Who propagated with what the world considered normal at the time? You, the reader, know this answer best. If the question is posed, “were they ugly?” you would say no and agree that they were all beautiful. Nobody can deny the beauty is these icons, yet you as a reader want to accept the normal as full of magnificent beauty (Warren 133). This is a lie you have been fed your whole life. You were conditioned since birth to believe that normal is beautiful and nothing ever is able to change your perspective. However, listen, and realize that you are neither normal nor ugly but abnormal and exceptionally beautiful. You have to realize the true by looking at yourself with real eyes. Only then will you realize that you are unique and more worthy than all people. Much beauty lies in you and so is the magic. You are great and beautiful, and you cannot settle for anything less.


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